WARNING - Work in Progress

WARNING - Work in Progress
WARNING - Work in Progress

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Love For Jesus – 12/14/2018

WARNING PREACHY… (preaching to the choir)

In his excellent book Six Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living[1], Dr. DeVries wrote in the fourth chapter “Love people until they ask why.” 
In 1994 I moved to N.J. for work and I met a young family that basically adopted me and gave me a segregate family since mine was so far away.  I was a 23 year old kid from Detroit and yet they still took me in as one of their own.  Even to this day I am amazed that they loved me as they did.  They loved me because they were Christian and through their love I saw clearly the reality of Jesus and I became His disciple.  All these years later I’m still amazed because it could have gone badly for them as I was quite rough around the edges if the Jesus bit hadn’t stuck.  I never needed to ask “why” they loved me but because they did my life was radically transformed with a visible demonstration of Jesus.

I’m personally challenged by DeVries’ fourth lesson as I know that the love of Jesus is sacrificial in nature and I struggle to love others as He first loved me.  So I suggest that you get a copy of DeVries’ book as it is sure to challenge you to develop the mind and mission of our Lord.  

(Order a copy from Amazon here:  http://a.co/d/1CropEG)

[1] Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living: 100 Six-Word Lessons to Align Every Believer with the Mission of Jesus by David DeVries; http://a.co/d/1CropEG

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